Marion Korn LL.B. LL.M. ACC FM   

"My goal is to make sure each client feels confident in planning for the future." 

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Who chooses us ?

You might think the couples who come through our door are all smiling sitcom-types, holding hands as they enter?                        Not necessarily!    We see people who:

  • Like taking responsibility for their own decisions -want to do their divorce, rather than have their divorce done to them.
  • Want a lasting, well-planned agreement.
  • Have something they fear losing.
  • Want to understand all  consequences of the choices they make.
  • Want to avoid: fighting; litigation; setting their savings on fire.

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​Mutual Solutions

​Our Services

How are we different?

Mediation-plus! A hybrid of mediation and financial forecasting.

with a structured process. We have you start together, in the same room.

  • Three critical skills – mediation, legal, finance – in one integrated team.
  • Different discussions. Focus is not on legal rights/obligations: it’s to identify priorities and exchange ideas.
  • You’re not a forced passenger on the couple-to-frenemy-to-combatants journey.
  • We don’t fit your divorce into the law; we fit the law into your divorce.
  • We run the show for you, calling in other professionals as/if needed.
  • We have a packaged fee structure.

Eva Sachs  CFP CDFA
"I believe that most people really do want to arrive at a settlement that works."

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