“Grey Divorce” is so different that it requires a whole new way of thinking.

This book tells the stories of many couples who decided what “grey divorce” meant to them:

  • Working out their divorce without fighting and without court
  • Ending their marriage with an understanding that each would be okay
  • Earning and keeping the respect of their children

Read about the dynamic difference Marion and Eva’s powerful “grey divorce” approach made on the lives of so many families.

Are you facing divorce after a long marriage or late in life?

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"The book does great work, steering couples through the finances of divorce and focuses on issues that  mainstream lawyers and financial advisors can miss. It looks at the growing trend older people going through retirement and divorce at the same time."

Ellen Roseman, Toronto Star

"The older person, particularly, facing a divorce will want to take advantage of the insights and wisdom provided in this book"

Stu Webb, Founder of Collaborative Practice Law Movement

"Korn & Sachs have succeeded in creating a vibrant, must read book for those contemplating divorce or separation in or beyond midlife.  Brimming with practical wisdom and layered with stories, the book steers a thoughtful course into the intricacies of separating that is both illuminating and helpful."

Michelle Lebaron, Professor of Law

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