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Over the years I have learned that you have worries about mediation.  What will it be like to ask my partner to give up something I think I really need?  How will we remain on good terms so we can parent our kids?  How will I know if I have made the right deal?  

For many years I have devoted my services to helping families like yours transition through separation and divorce.  I work with you, around the table, in an atmosphere where your concerns and your needs are central.
 Mutual Solutions mediation is crafted to make certain you always have the information you need, the professional support you deserve and the concrete analysis that takes you to a place of understanding.  You may not get everything you wanted, but your agreement will give you a clear picture of how you made choices and where you are headed. 

As a partner in Mutual Solutions mediation, I work closely with Eva, a financial expert in separation and divorce.  You and your family receive the assurance that we deal with both the financial and the legal aspects of your situation.  We hold your interests in good hands. 

Marion is a senior family lawyer, accredited mediator, and specialist in Collaborative Law and mediation. Marion teaches dispute resolution internationally. Marion has taken a leading role throughout her career, serving in leadership positions and on committees that promote positive approaches to resolving differences. She appears on radio and television as an advocate for separating families.

Marion, along with Eva ,  is co-author of the book ‘When Harry Left Sally – Finding your way through grey divorce‘.

Marion Korn LLB, LLM, Acc.FM

​Mutual Solutions

​​​​​Mutual Solutions