​I strive to make the numbers tell a story.  It is the story of how couples, now as individuals, can navigate their futures with the knowledge they need to stay the course.

After decades working in the financial world, I now focus my services solely on helping families transition through separation and divorce.  I bring a unique perspective to the challenges faced by families who want to understand how the world has changed for them.
Every family deserves an agreement for their future that fits their needs, their concerns and their resources.  My commitment is to work hard until you are sure that your agreement will work, now and over time.

As a partner in Mutual Solutions mediation, I work closely with Marion, a family mediator.  You and your family receive the assurance that we deal with both the financial and the legal aspects of your situation.  We hold your interests in good hands. 


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Eva, along with Marion, co-authored the book ‘When Harry Left Sally – Finding your way through grey divorce‘.

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Eva is a Certified Financial Planner, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and a Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist. She is a member of Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts, Academy of Financial Divorce Specialists,   International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and Collaborative Practice Toronto. She is a trainer for Collaborative Practice professionals.

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